I embraced the dietary supplement Vitapulse after consulting with my physician who was apprehensive of my age-heightened risk for heart disease. I am well past my prime in life, and definitely understand my health is far from being shipshape. I also relish fatty foods, and my most pleasurable moments are around the dining table with loved ones and friends. Consequently, I have several pounds of extra flab surrounding my tummy. On a recent medical checkup, my physician expressed serious concern over my extra weight. He was worried of other risks that could make me contract heart disease too. Some of the most notable are my want of workout and a history of heredity cardiovascular conditions. 
As such, I was naturally worried on what I could actually do to significantly minimize these risk factors. However, the doctor assured me there were many natural ways that could help, without having to drastically alter my lifestyle. He gave me instructions on how to determine excellent heart health boosting dietary supplements. Still after ‘googling’ for info, I was disheartened that lots of the targeted products were very complex. Also, when I reviewed their websites, they provided extremely little clinical evidence on their effectiveness. This was until I stumbled across Vitapulse in my online search. I quickly discerned that it was formulated for individuals just myself. That is those who wish to enhance the health of their hearts, and have multiple risk factors for serious cardiovascular conditions. 
Just what is this dietary supplement? 

This is a simplistic 3 ingredient formulation, which is meant to improve heart health. These ingredients are all antioxidants, and each functions in its own unique way to bring this about. 
Coenzyme Q10 
This antioxidant works by boosting the heart’s overall energy levels. According to this product’s maker, it boosts energy production right from the heart’s own cells, which are known as mitochondria. This is exactly where detrimental cellular damage frequently happens. 
N-Acetyl Cysteine 
This is technically not an antioxidant, but rather a type of amino acid that is derived from L-Cysteine, a naturally occurring compound. It functions by boosting the synthesis of Glutathione, a compound which recycles antioxidants. Glutathione is one of the body’s inherent means of combating cellular damage that can impair cardiovascular functionality. This implies that this ingredient, besides supporting health heart function, can boost your overall health as well. 
Pyrroloquinoline Quinone 
I like this ingredient better than the other 2 due to the ingenious way it can support the heart’s health. It can’t be synthesized in the body, but can be obtained through nutrition. It plays a big role in the effective stimulation of ‘energy-producing’ mitochondria’s regenerative process at the cellular level. This sort of inter-cellular energy boost can greatly assist in minimizing the risk factors associated with heart disease. Some of the most prominent are high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. 

Can this supplement work for you?
When I completed my review of this supplement’s website, I was still not fully sold out. I persisted in my online search to obtain further details on it, and particularly its ingredients. Ultimately, I was able to find a lot of clinical evidence on the individual antioxidants’ effectualness in supporting heart health and cardiovascular function. I also made it a point to peruse plenty of positive customer reviews as well as comprehensive product reviews, including those of the authoritative ‘Supplement Police’ site. Should you be past 50, and are worried of the health of your heart, this product is exactly what the doctor ordered. It can efficiently deal with a variety of common risk factors linked with heart disease. This, if you recall, includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, unhealthy eating habits, hereditary heart issues, obesity and even lack of regular exercise. All the ingredients utilized in its formulation target the heart. Yet, they can boost your overall health and well being too, by their capability to fortify your immunity. To this end, almost anyone can use this dietary supplement without giving rise to any risk. 

Is this dietary supplement safe?
As you have perhaps already noticed, all the 3 ingredients that are used to manufacture Vitapulse are completely derived from all natural products. So, the probability of experiencing any serious side effects when taking it are very decreased. If you happen to be searching for a nutritional supplement to boost the health of your heart and guarantee optimal cardiovascular function, this is exactly it. Additionally, it can also come in handy when it comes to the issue of enabling your body to combat common infections, due to its ability to fortify your immunity. All, you will ever need to do to achieve all this, is to take a single pill each da