Meet Maggie Q — Actress, Activist, and ActivatedYou Co-Founder

Meet Maggie Q…

You’ve seen her in quite a few hot, blockbuster films like Divergent and Mission Impossible III. And now, she graces your TV screen weekly as Agent Hannah Wells in the ABC hit Designated Survivor. But, did you know actress Maggie Q is more than just a beautiful actress?

She’s dedicated to making life better for as many people as she can. Specifically, Maggie Q has a deep desire to bring good health to everyone. She believes in educating people on how to best care for themselves, and in keeping people supported by creating a space where they can connect about their challenges.

Maggie Q makes an effort to understand people from all walks of life, and she firmly believes optimum health is possible for us all.


A native Hawaiian, Maggie’s career has taken her all over the globe. She created the role of Nikita – a rogue assassin who returns to destroy the secret organization responsible for training her – on the CW show of the same name. Her work can also be seen in Live Free or Die Hard or the series Stalker. And a little fun fact – it was on the set of Stalker that she met her fiancé, Dylan McDermott.

Maggie Q is also on the cutting edge of work in the gaming industry. She stars in Need for Speed: Undercover – an exciting game in which she voices a federal agent and one of the gamer’s most essential contacts.

Though she’s at the top of her game now, Q’s success was hard earned. Unable to pay for college, she risked it all by moving to Tokyo to take a chance at modeling for a summer. As fate would have it, she crossed paths with Jackie Chan, who realized she had what it takes to become a leading actress in action films. Chan took Maggie under his wing and … the rest is history.


Perhaps because of her humble beginnings, Maggie’s desire to help those in need keeps her busy educating people when it comes to important environmental issues or health issues. Maggie is committed to using her position to speak out and stand up for those in need.

A passion project of hers made it to the big screen when she co-produced Earthlings – a documentary film exploring humanity’s reliance on the animal world for survival and – frankly, to make money. Joaquin Phoenix participated in the project, giving voice to the narration as the film asks questions about the ways we’ve historically taken advantage of animals as pets, as a food source, and in scientific labs as experiments for our own personal gain.

PETA Spokesperson

Maggie Q has worked quite closely with PETA Asia to promote vegetarianism. Though she sees vegetarianism as a way to help the animals we share this planet with, she also knows it’s beneficial to your health too.

Q has spoken about how cutting meat from her daily intake of food has been a great decision in her life. Her commitment to the animal world helped earn her PETA Asia-Pacific’s “Person of the Year.”

Maggie Q’s work in the health and fitness world is personal

Part of the reason Maggie Q has become so dedicated to helping others with their health is that she’s been there. Years ago, she began to feel regularly under the weather. She experienced fatigue on a daily basis, she began noticing inflammation in her gut, she felt swelling around her eyes, and she even suffered from insomnia. She searched for answers, visited several doctors … but nobody had the right answer for her.

And then, she finally came across The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine. There, she met Dr. Edison de Mello. Together, they began to put a plan of action together to help Maggie get over her health issues. Maggie’s turnaround was so compelling, she decided to see if Dr. de Mello would join her in finding a way to educate the masses about the realities of achieving optimum health. Finally, Maggie Q and Dr. de Mello cofounded ActivatedYou.

ActivatedYou Co-Founder

By design, ActivatedYou is a top-of-the-line series of supplemental health products. But one of the things that separates the brand from all other supplements is the community platform provided to those who use ActivatedYou.

Maggie Q says she and Dr. de Mello intend work diligently at ActivatedYou to spark conversation between people trying to get healthy. The joint effort is a bold attempt to enable people to invest in their best health practices.

According to Maggie Q, health isn’t something to only pay attention to when it’s compromised. We’ve got to keep at it, because we’re the only ones who will care for ourselves all day, every day. We’ve got to make sure we’re living right … bringing the right foods into our homes.

ActivatedYou will give daily support to those trying to better their lives. People can look to the platform for healthy recipes, advice, and good information about the best ways to take care of themselves.

Look for more from Maggie Q

Maggie’s definitely an inspiration, and she’s gaining traction. She’s at the forefront of a new style of investing in our health – a method that incorporates self-care, an intention to respect and protect the animal world, and sustaining our ever changing environment. We’ll definitely want to look for more from this amazing woman – she’s a force of nature and a generous advocate for us all.