As far as meal replacement shakes go, we think that 310 offers so much more than GNC Total Lean Shake. Both meal replacement products are popular with consumers. However, a lot of people still don’t realize how much purer 310 nutrition actually is! Today, we’d like to compare and contrast these two meal replacement shake brands.

Once you understand why 310 shakes are so beneficial, you may want to order some for yourself. A packet of weight loss shake mix from 310 will allow you to make a new 310 shake whenever you want to. You’ll get 28 servings per package, which is a lot! Also, the package will be affordable!

310 is the Gold Standard

Rich in protein 310 shake contains no sugar at all. As well, they don’t contain lab-created sugar substitutes. Instead, they are made with sugar alternatives which are all-natural. In addition to being sugar-free, these shakes contain a whopping fifteen grams of plant-based protein per shake! The protein is a proprietary blend of a trio of plant-based proteins. 310 nutrition experts have found a protein blend which the body absorbs very well. When you choose 310, you’ll also be able to access seven grams of carbs, which will give you fuel for the demands of the day, as well as five grams of fiber, which will help you to feel full as you lose weight. To top it all off, the team at 310 add superfood greens and probiotics to their shakes.

Lots of flavors are available. Our personal preference is Salted Caramel, but feel free to choose Chocolate, Vanilla or anything else that you like. We love the way that these ultra-healthy shakes taste. Also, since they contain only ninety calories, they are very diet-friendly. It’s amazing how much nutrition the team at 310 are able to pack into their shake mixes.

Discover the GNC Total Lean Shake

This shake is richer in calories, which is bad news for those who want to slim down quickly. When you reach for a GNC Total Lean Shake, you’ll be reaching for one hundred and eighty calories, rather than the ninety calories in a 310 shake. As well, we’re not fond of the sugar content in GNC shakes. Each serving contains nine grams of sugar and we think that sugar is not a good idea during a diet. It is hard on the body and it’s high in calories, too.

While GNC Total Lean Shakes are quite nutritious, with nine grams of protein, it’s possible to get fifteen grams of protein in a 310 shake.

GNC Total Lean Shake is a fine product. It’s just not as good as 310 in terms of delivering a treasure trove of nutrition, without the sugar and calories. If you want to enjoy quick and sustainable weight loss, it’s probably smarter to skip high-calorie meal replacement shakes from GNC. Instead, choose 310. You’ll get the nutritional support that you need without the sugar and extra calories.

Shakes from GNC do taste good, but we suspect that it’s the sugar which makes them taste good. Unfortunately, when we start eating sugar, we want more of it from other sources. You may be the same. This is why we try to stay away from meal replacement shakes that contain sugar. It leads us down the pathway to bad foods, such as candy bars. When we go sugar-free, our craving for unhealthy sugar tends to dissipate pretty quickly.

Which Shake Do You Want?

Now that you have the inside scoop on both of these shakes, why not choose the right one for you? Both are simple to order online, from the official websites of the manufacturers or elsewhere. If you do decide to try 310, we don’t think that you’ll be disappointed. You’ll have plenty of options in terms of flavor and you’ll also love the nutrition that you access.

Protein will allow you to build lean, sexy muscle, fiber will fill you up and the vitamins and minerals will keep you energized. As well, fiber and probiotics will help your body to eliminate waste and toxins. Last, but not least, 310’s superfood greens will pump up your general health.

There’s really no comparison between these two shakes. 310 is the right choice if you want the healthiest weight loss experience possible.