How to Choose the Best Chef Knife in 2017

Chef knives are important kitchen items that should be purchased with great care in order to make the cutting and chopping tasks in the kitchen more efficient. Although it is not common to find people bragging about their chef knives, the beauty of these items is important in complementing modern kitchen decors. Here are some top tips on how to choose the best chef knife 2017 (Visit

1. Size and Balance

The size, weight and general balance of a chef knife are important factors to consider when shopping for these mandatory kitchen items. Top-quality 2017 chef knives such as the highly-rated Wusthof are manufactured with German technology to provide perfect balance for an excellent grip. The Wusthof chef knife is developed with a full tang blade nested in a comfortable triple-riveted handle that makes it one of the well-balanced chef knives in 2017. Common chef knives range from 6 to 10 inches in length. The Wusthof knife is well between this range and therefore provides a good balance when it comes to cutting evenly sized ingredients. This knife does not place too much weight on your wrist and can therefore be used for professional chef jobs as well as for home cooking purposes. 


2. Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance cost for effective use is perhaps the next important factor to look for when choosing chef knives in 2017. You will need a knife that is easy to keep honed and only needs simple hand wash to prevent rust and scratches on the steel blade. If the knife requires highly complicated and costly maintenance methods to keep it efficient, then it is not worth buying. The top-rated Victorinox 40520 chef knife is one of the easiest knives to maintain for both professional and home kitchen purposes. This 8-inch knife is stamped and therefore provides instant relief from incurring regular sharpening and other maintenance costs. The blade is also tough and reliable for rough chopping. The Victorinox 40520 chef knife handle is heavy duty and neatly curved for easy use. It simply a perfect choice for someone looking for a chef knife that is easy to maintain and highly durable.

3. Material Used on Blade and Handle

The top-rated Japanese knives always rank where to buy bactrim ds online first when it comes to picking the best blade materials and handle technology. A good example of a Japanese chef knife with a strong blade and a perfect handle material in 2017 is the Shun Classic chef knife. This top-quality knife is manufactured from hard VG-10 Japanese steel that makes it a perfect choice for cutting meat and poultry. The Damascus layers on the high carbon stainless steel also provide a beautiful decoration that makes this knife more attractive. The sharp blade is perfect for slicing thin cuts, while the handle is developed with a relatively coarse structure for firm grip. The Shun Classic is one of the best 2017 chef knives to buy if you need a strong blade and handle that provides firm grip for easy chopping and cutting of food products in the kitchen. 

4. Chef Knife Prices

Lastly, it is important to compare the cost of buying chef knives before picking one that you can easily pay for without straining your finances. 2017 chef knives such as Henckels Twin Four Star are not only affordable for most buyers, but are also highly-durable and hence worth every coin spent on buying. Henckels Twin Four Star is manufactured with German technology and stays sharp for long. It is easy to use for cutting different types and sizes of food products due to its well-balanced structure. This Henckels chef knife is also one of the most affordable, which is a big advantage given that most buyers for chef knives in 2017 will be looking for products that they can easily pay for. Remember that the best chef knives should not be too expensive. Affordable chef knives such the Henckels Twin Four Star will surely be among the best and most popular in 2017 and the years thereafter. 

Hopefully, you will find these tips useful as you look for the best chef knife 2017 cutlery items. Remember to buy your knives from a reputable store in order to get genuine products. Chef knives from reputable brands are always the best to buy. Avoid brand names that you suspect are counterfeit or do not have enough information about the chef knife’s size and structural details.