Sketchys Kitchen is a brand new blog, born to help live a happier, simpler, tastier and longer life.

We already dedicated to health related news for a while, but at some point, we thought we had enough of dealing with healthy cuisine that made us eager for pizza, so we decided to summarize our healthy food and release it online.

So we wanted to make something a little bigger, we wanted to help you get a more comfortable life so we established this site under the principals of honesty, health, taste, and comfort and decided to use it to help you choose the right home and kitchen appliances as well as keeping you updated with the latest news related to your health.

Here you will find, not only recipes, but a lot of health-related news, tips, information, appliances recommendations, and more to help you have a better and longer life.

We also want you to help us make a greater experience for all of us by telling us which recipes and home medicines you’d like us to review, we test all of them ourselves and make sure that you do not waste your time and money on recipes that aren’t healthy or tasty.

We hope you have a nice and fruitful time at here and please do not hesitate on making contact if you have any doubt or want to tell us anything.